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Did Rimmel give me Wonderfully Real lashes?

If you’re like me and are addicted to TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (#IPromiseIHaveALife)… You’ve probably noticed Rita Ora’s pretty face popping up everywhere.

This is because she is the face of the new Wonder’fully Real MascaraWonder Wing Eyeliner and Magnif’eyes Eyeshadow palette by Rimmel London.


I’m so weak and easily persuaded when it comes to any promises of gaining longer, thicker, lashes, a perfect winged liner and brilliantly blendable eyeshadow – so when Rimmel announced their new creations – I fell into the trap, no shock there.

Rimmel were one of the first brands I used when I was first introduced to makeup – *cue frightful flashbacks of bright blue eyeshadow, ungroomed brows and foundation lips* (I was bang on trend, OK)

I’m not proud…

But it’s been a hot minute since I delved into any Rimmel products – bar their Wake Me Up concealer (pop this on before a 9am lecture and it’s like the heavy night before never happened) so I was excited to try an affordable mascara, liner and eyeshadow that promised the same results as any high-end makeup.

Here are my first impressions…

Let’s kick it off with the Magnif’eyes Nude Edition eyeshadow palette. This palette contains 12 nude shades – 3 matte shades, 8 shimmers and 1 frosted pink shade – perfect for the inner corner highlight.

I loved the colour scheme of this palette as I’m a complete sucker for warm toned shadows.


It’s packed with every shade you could possibly need to create a variety of looks – a transition shade, shades to add to the crease to create depth and looooaaadssss of shimmer shades to add on the lid. My personal favourite is the burnt orange shimmer; I wet my brush before applying it to the lid which made it even more pigmented!

One could even compare this palette to a high end product that sounds like ‘bake-ed’ heat

(Apparently there are no words that rhyme with ‘naked’… I tried… and failed miserably)

Unlike my rhyming abilities, it’s got the Ciara stamp of approval.








Next in line was the Wonder Wing EyelinerI was super excited about this product as I really struggle with getting that perfect wing. I feel like winged eyeliner is the most difficult art to master. You have to act cool, calm and collected around liquid eyeliner as it can actually sense your fear. Hopefully the Wonder Wing liner is a little more forgiving…

And it should be! What’s special about this product is that it has a ‘wing shaped stamp’ as the tip, which allows you to simply stamp it on the eye to create the perfect wing.

Wonder Wing

I don’t think I need to say anything more. I’d go as far as saying that this product is revolutionary for the makeup community – and you won’t need to redo your wing 52 times like before!


 Now onto the Wonder’fully Real Mascara. First of all, THE PACKAGING. I’m attracted to pink and shiny things so this was right up my street.

Wonderfully Real

The application brush is slim and packed with short but sturdy bristles covered in product – the perfect combination to coat every lash from top to bottom. I find that because the brush is so slender, it can get as close to the lash line as possible to make sure that you get maximum lash coverage and also makes them extra curly.

 I’m lucky that I don’t fall short in the lash department, but I seem to have an ongoing problem with mascara where it transfers under and above my eyelids because of the length and the formula doesn’t completely dry.

But the formula of the mascara is great – it didn’t transfer around my eyes and for once I didn’t look like I’ve been crying for 3 hours straight at Grey’s Anatomy (which I’ve totally never done before by the way….) It also adds insane length and makes your eyelashes look extra thick and black.

Just fabu-lash.

I was really impressed with this mascara – it seemed to do everything that Rimmel promised it would; longer, fuller lashes with a smudge-proof formula. Tick. Trying this product has really reignited my love for drugstore makeup. It was a real eye-opener. *ba-dum-tss*

 Overall, Rimmel did not disappoint with this new range.

And with those price tags? How could you say no?

Answer: You don’t.


Shop the new collection in store or online at:



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