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BPerfect, LMD.. Did you Master this Palette?

I have no doubt that you have already heard of this next product we are reviewing here at Gordons Chemists. If you haven’t, where have you been and can I come to hide from all of my responsibilities? ( e.g. Uni work, my £100 phone bill, the large spot I have on my face)

BPerfect Cosmetics, the national brand and undisputed champion of false tans (Dark Watermelon – thank you for successfully combatting my milk bottle legs, ily), have released their very first eyeshadow palette with super talented MUA, Louise McDonnell.

With open arms and eager hands, I welcomed the BPerfect LMD Master Palette into my already unnecessarily large collection of eyeshadow palettes (I know I have a problem, OK.)

My mum’s argument to this was that I couldn’t possibly have enough eyelid space to need all of these different (but admittedly similar) palettes – but I calmly explained (with my eyes closed and eyebrows raised to show that I actually do have a lot of eyelid space) that this palette IS different.

The BPerfect LMD Master Palette contains a range of 15, matte to shimmer shades. It’s a mainly warm toned palette – ranging from a matte black, to burnt orange, a fiery red and icy metallic! This palette has everything – and MORE

3 of the shades are larger sized pans; Hi-Lite, Sculpt and Peachy – the names are pretty self-explanatory.

Sculpt is one of the cooler-toned, brown shades in the palette, apply this to the contours of your face and you will look like Kimmy K the contour queen.

Peachy, does exactly what it says on the tin. When applied to the apples (or should I say peaches) of the cheeks, this gorgeous soft shade will give your cheeks a subtle, but effective lift.

To top the look off, Hi-Lite is a gorgeous shimmer shade with pink undertones, perfect for giving your face that healthy glow.

Now can you understand why it’s called the ‘Master Palette’?bPerfect LMD PaletteThis palette is also great for boosting your self-confidence, it literally tells you you’re beautiful everytime you open it. What more could you want?

The shades are so versatile – the larger ‘face’ shades can also be used as eyeshadows and a few of the smaller pans can also be used as highlighters. My personal FAV is the shade ‘Loyal’, I used this to highlight my inner corners, brow bones and cheekbones and I promise, my little sister looked horrified as she told me my skin was actually ‘glowing’ (it’s a good thing, I promise.)

The other shimmer shades ‘Rusty’, ‘Beam’ and ‘Cranberry’ were equally as glowing and shimmery, I swatched these shades with both a dry and wet brush and the colour payoff was insane.


Top tip: wetting your brush before applying metallic or shimmer shades creates a more intense and pigmented colour.

 Each of these shades were very pigmented, but the star of the show, for me, was ‘Louise’, a gorgeous, intense cranberry shade. I applied this to my lid on top of wet concealer (the BPrepared Concealer and Highlighter, to be precise) to try and maintain the level of brightness of the shade when applying it to the eye. It applied like a dream. I was so impressed.

I created 3 different looks with this palette so I was able to test all the shades and give you an honest review – THAT GLO THO!


The hype for this palette is SO REAL that it sold out within TWO HOURS of its initial release – and I can understand why. I knew there was a reason you lot were going crazy for it!

I was even lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for the palette in The Merchant Hotel in Belfast, a night full of bloggers and banter!

Brendan & LMD

My opinion on this palette is as glowing as it made my cheeks.

Well done, BPerfect and LMD. You Mastered this Palette.

 And at only £24.99, can you really say no?

Head over to your local Gordons Chemists and purchase yours before it sells out again! Stock is extremely limited!! go, go, go, go, go, GO! 

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