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I came. I saw. I contoured: SOSU Cream Sticks Review

Yup. Here we are, back again talking about the undisputed Irish queen of beauty – Suzanne Jackson.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were sat here speaking about her long awaited and highly anticipated eyeshadow palette – Hot Fire (which you can read here).

Well, now she’s back with a brand new product – The Cream Stick Collection. And of course I’ve tried and tested it because I’m addicted to buying makeup and I’m certainly not rich enough to have this problem.

If you are an avid makeup-user like me, you’ll know all too well about one of Suzanne’s first cosmetic releases, the Complete Contour Palette. This was an instant hit in the beauty community and is still one of her best sellers!

The latest trend seems to see a lot of brands moving away from creating full palettes and creating more convenient, ‘handbag friendly’ single components instead. This is what prompted SoSu to create shades in the form of a stick.

The initial release includes 5 shades, primarily for contouring – although she’s not against us using it as our skin base either! Personally, I was able to get a fairly good match by mixing the ‘Conceal’ shade and the ‘Warm Contour’ shade which I used as a foundation.

Another thing that makes these sticks so darn good, is the fact that they are enriched with Vitamin E which helps protect the skin from pollution, it’s moisturising and can help fight signs of premature aging. Ehhhh, YES PLEASE. Who doesn’t love a multipurpose product?! (I’m just trying to justify the copious amount of money I spend on makeup like I do with everything else I buy.. “I can definitely use this eyeliner as a pen too!”)

Are you wondering which shade would best suit your skin tone?

Conceal – Light: Full coverage finish, ideal for creating light on the face.

Contour – Warm: Full finish or contour. Ideal for olive skin tones.

Contour – Cool: Full finish or contour. Ideal for paler skin with a pink undertone.

Contour – Dark: Full finish or contour. Ideal for darker skin tones, or for a dark contour.

Glow – IridescentA champagne coloured highlighter perfect for that dewy look.

Contouring is an important step in a lot of people’s everyday makeup routine these days. I mean, who doesn’t want to achieve chiselled cheeks like the ultimate contour queen, Kim Kardashian?

Personally, I have tried and tested quite a lot of the contouring products that have recently entered the market – but I have to say, the SoSu Cream Collection is one of the best stick formulas that I’ve tried. They blend like a dream, the colour pigmentation is next level and the packaging (OMG the packaging), is super luxurious! No matter what your level of makeup skills are, these sticks are very easy to use. You’re not going to get cramps in your arms from vigorously having to blend it in!


Top tipApply the contour shade of your choice just under the cheeks to chisel the cheekbones. I like to use a rounded brush to buff it into my skin for a seamless blend, or a damp beauty blender – it’s personal preference though! If you like a good nose contour, apply it lightly down the sides of your nose and around your temples for an overall bronzed look. 


Can we just talk about the ‘Glow’ shade for a minute?

Actually, I don’t even need to say anything about it. This speaks for itself.


BRB. I’m just going to go and apply this all over my body.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, the shade range isn’t very large. But Suzanne has said herself that she’s working very hard to release more shades in the coming months, which is great. I’m a massive fan of her Highlighting Kit, so I personally would love to see some of these shades in a cream stick formula.

I want people to have to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from my GLOW.

Each stick is £14.99 and you can purchase them from Gordons Chemists stores or online here.

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